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- our hotel at Luxor West Bank

El Phardous Home is bulit in 2001/2002. Mohamed and I bought land and started the building process, it took 9 month to get it ready, the same time as a pregnancy. So we call it our child. The building ended up looking like a castle.

El_Phardous_Home   Mohamed_Inger

El Pardous Home is located on the westbank of the river Nile close to Luxor city in Egypt. It is in a quiet and peaceful area just 10 minutes away from The Walley of the Kings and Hatshepsut temple. The view to west is big and sacred mountains beside Walley of the Kings and direct connection to the Sahara dessert. On the east side it is sourunded of green farm areas.

Walley_of_the_Kings   Hatshepsut

El Pardous Home has 11 double room, all with their own bathroom, balcony, fan in the roof and air condition. All rooms have a design after the local traditions. They are clean and inviting.

Room   Room_King_size

El Pardous Home have a big roof terasse, partly overbuilt with a sun shield. Here is place for relaxing, playing in the sun and meditating under the stars.

Roof_view   Roof_resting

El Phardous Home have a garden with flowers and trees in beautiful colours. Here is also chairs, sofas and tables for relax and chat. The food is typical Egyptian, mostly vegetarian but also some meat from chicken is served. 

Garden   Flowers

El Pardous Home has a special room, we call it the Doom. Here is the place for stillness and meditation.

Dome   Meditation

El Phardous Home is arabic and translates to "a higher place in paradise". And like all the others sacred areas in and around Luxor it have high energies.


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